Sanford Botkin
Sanford Botkin
CPA and former
top IRS tax attorney

Your Network Marketing business qualifies you to earn huge tax breaks approved by Congress and the IRS.

Read this right now and discover how to legally, morally, and ethically slash your taxes by 50% or more ...


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If you have a Network Marketing business, I can save you $3,000 to $9,000 in taxes every year - legally, morally, and ethically. I've done it for over 50,000 other small and home-based businesses and I can do it for you.

Congress has approved a number of tax breaks as incentives for small businesses. Owning a home-based Network Marketing business is the best way for the average guy to take advantage of these tax breaks.

Spend a few minutes reading the following good news and I'll prove it.

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“The most informative, most useful tax information I have ever come across! You have turned the tables on a subject, which is often dull and complicated, by turning it into a humorous, lively, easy to understand discussion. I would venture to say that you are doing for taxes what Carl Sagan did for Astronomy, when he told the story with such enthusiasm and simplicity!”
—Henry Greenberg

QUIZ: Did You Know…?

How to Stop Supporting the IRS!

What if you could cut the time you work for the government from 5 months to 2 or 3 months, legally, morally and ethically? You can by using some of over 137 tax-reduction strategies I recommend. My name is Sanford Botkin. I'm a tax lawyer, CPA, and former top IRS attorney.

While working at the IRS, I realized that small business people were not getting the help and tax planning information they should be receiving, and were, therefore, losing literally billions of dollars of deductions. I also realized many small business people view tax planning as complicated, but I knew, with the right knowledge, most strategies were surprisingly simple to do. I knew and understood how easy it is to learn and use these good tax laws, so I quit the IRS and started the Tax Reduction Institute about 12 years ago. It has become the largest and most well-known tax lecturing organization in the United States. We estimate we have saved taxpayers over $300 million each year in taxes as a result of all my lectures.

"You have the best, most outstanding course for business people I have ever heard! It is outstanding. You have made me a gang of money. Keep up the good work and the great humor."
—Burke Hall, Upland, CA

What You May Not Know About the IRS ...

As a small business owner you have more tax breaks available to you than anyone else. Unfortunately, these tax breaks go unused because most small business owners don't know about them - and the IRS isn't telling. Any home-based business, even part-time, that is not a hobby, and is in pursuit of a profit, can qualify for huge tax breaks - it's US Government law.

Want a Fast Way to Make More Money?

The fastest way to get that raise you want is by just being able to keep more of what you make now. The only kind of income that counts is what you can keep. By owning a home-based business and taking advantage of the tax breaks available to you, you can keep more of your income, even if your business isn't producing a profit! You just need to know the laws, and how to apply them.

Now you can open this gold mine of easy-to-use tax relief to increase your spendable income by up to $9,000 each year…

Guaranteed… or your money back!

Once you understand what is available to you, you will be amazed how easy it is to amass, literally, thousands of dollars of overlooked or unknown deductions each and every year by simply being in business either full-time or part-time. What's most amazing about our tax law is that you merely need to pursue a profit to get all the wonderful tax deductions.

Could You Use an Extra $3,000 to $9,000 a year?

Every American taxpayer who works a full-time job and does not have a side business is probably overpaying taxes to the tune of $3,000 to $9,000 every year. Even self-employed people who do have businesses are collectively overpaying their taxes as a result of lack of tax knowledge to the tune of about $160 billion annually.

"I recently purchased your audio seminar, and it's great. I plan to implement most of your strategies. As a self employed individual, I've always felt that I was at a disadvantage compared to the corporate salary worker when it came to taxes. But you have shown me ways to even the score. Thanks."
—Guy Wilson, Aledo TX

These Tax Breaks Are For You!

As a home-based business entrepreneur there are more tax breaks available to you than to anyone else. Any home-based business, in pursuit of a profit, can qualify for huge tax breaks - it's US Government law! As a top attorney with the IRS, I could see that very few business owners were taking advantage of the "good tax laws" that were available to them.

Why Congress Has Enacted Tax Breaks for
Small Businesses Like Yours

The US Congress really wants to help your business to grow. They want jobs for the economy. And they know small business growth means more jobs. 70% of the people in the US are employed by small businesses. This is where most of the job growth is coming from as big businesses downsize and lay people off.

Proven Over 50,000 Times!!!!!

I have now taught over 50,000 small business owners all over the US and Canada how to put good tax laws to work for them, and how to audit proof themselves. Now, in order to make this information available to more people like you, I've put my popular seminar into a home-study course, complete with 6 one-hour audio CDs and a 170 page workbook and reference guide with over 137 tax reduction strategies - every one backed up by actual IRS code and case law.

In my home-study course you'll discover...

"I thought for sure your presentation was going to bore me to death. WAS I WRONG!!!"
—Robert J. Minelli

How Much Do People Really Save Using My Strategies?

I've surveyed people who attended my live seminar in the past, and here's what I found:

The average entertainment deduction by people before coming to the seminar was $1,500 on their tax return. But the average entertainment deductions after coming to the seminar went up to $4,000. (They had a lot more fun!) Travel deductions went from $500 to $1,900. I'll tell you what surprised me, and I'm not surprised easily, automobile deductions more than doubled!

The point is, as a result of this seminar, the average participant increased his or her deductions by $13,400! Now this is an average. Winnie Moe in Greenwich, CT, who sent me a letter, increased her deductions by $10,000. Jack Klineman increased his deductions by $18,000. And my last year's winner was Jack Parsons. He increased his deductions by a little bit under $34,000 a year!

This is an average [$13,400]. This is going to be, I'll tell you right now, the most profitable 6 1/2 hours you're ever going to have.

And not only will we increase your deductions by $8,000 to $13,000 or more, but we're going to do something else which is my specialty. I'm going to show you how to audit-proof your tax return. What that means is, if you ever get audited, (and there is nothing in this course that triggers an audit, let me make that very, very clear) but if you ever do get audited, and you listen to me, the IRS agent will never get 5 cents out of you for the rest of your life!

Make your life a lot less taxing. Purchase my home-study course and start using my strategies for home-based Network Marketing businesses right away. I guarantee you'll save at least $2000 your first year or your money back. Then enjoy your tax savings year after year for life!

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Sanford C. Botkin

CEO and Principal Lecturer
Tax Reduction Institute
Washington, DC

I have been a financial consultant for 28 years, and I have attended many tax planning seminars. Sandy Botkin's tax reduction seminar has, by far, been the most enjoyable and informative of them all."
—Dennis Campagnone

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This program is the same tax reduction seminar and workbook that Botkin presents in his travels all over America. If you're lucky enough to attend one of Sandy's full-day seminars in your city, you will pay $595 per person.

The "Tax Strategies" system contains every word of his seminar on convenient audio CDs you can listen to anytime, anywhere, and share with anyone. The "Tax Strategies" program is available through Mr. Botkin's company for $389, and it's a bargain at that price.

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